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Patient Rights

Patient and family rights and responsibilities

At Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH), we aim to drive and enhance the wellbeing of the community in an environment of growth and learning by providing innovative, integrated and patient-centered care.

This information explains the rights for you and your family while being cared for by Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare.

You have the right: 

  • To be treated with dignity, compassion and respect for your culture
  • To privacy and confidentiality of care and information
  • To receive medically-indicated care and information in a confidential manner
  • To receive skilled care from qualified professionals in a safe, private environment
  • To participate (with family, if you choose) in all aspects of your health care and decisions as permitted by JHAH policies and Saudi Arabian law
  • To receive information in a manner and language you understand
  • To request a second opinion without compromising your care, treatment or service
  • To refuse recommended treatment, or leave the hospital against medical advice, but you must accept responsibility for the consequences of that decision
  • To voice a concern over your care and to receive a timely response without influence to your treatment or any other rights
  • To be protected from physical assault by visitors, other patients and staff
  • To be informed about your medical condition, any confirmed diagnosis, and the planned care and treatment(s)
  • To be informed about the expected outcome of care and treatment, and any unanticipated outcomes
  • To know the identity of the physician or other health practitioner responsible for your care
  • To have your pain assessed and managed appropriately in a compassionate and caring way, and respectful compassionate care at the end of life
  • To be informed of how to contact care providers in case of emergency
  • To a response on request for spiritual and religious support

You have responsibilities: 

  • To treat staff, patients and visitors with respect, courtesy and dignity
  • To make, keep and cancel appointments in a timely manner
  • To provide accurate and complete information about your health and anything that affects it
  • To participate in medical care planning and to follow all instructions during treatment and continuing post-discharge. This includes leaving JHAH after discharge procedures are complete
  • To respect the privacy of others. NOTE: No photography is permitted at JHAH without prior written permission
  • To respect that patients will be treated based on the urgency of their medical needs
  • To safeguard all valuables you bring to JHAH
  • To understand that some services are not available at JHAH. As a result, you may be referred to another hospital
  • To follow all hospital policies and procedures (e.g. visiting hours, smoking policy, use of electrical equipment and safety of belongings)
  • To use hospital facilities and equipment safely
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